Past Retribution


The rumble of discontent gurgles from her core,

And reverberates through her gnarly skin,

Gaia turns in her molten coffin,

Sending waves of anger afore.


“Thou blessed beings of foreign seed,

Tis mere fragments of an eon,

Thou hath walked my planes,

Never abating thine endless greed;


Already my riches thou hath ravaged,

Already my children thou hath decimated,

Already my winds thou hath changed,

Relentlessly thou ruin afore I can salvage;


Oh worse than lemmings thou art,

Beyond control like cancer cells,

Consuming all within thy path,

Leaving no course but to restart;


To decimate thee in only ways I know,

Wave by wave thy numbers reduce,

In the end thine own ruin be brought,

Blasted destruction thou so stubbornly tow;


I have no fear for I do not need thee,

Look to lands of Chernobyl and Agent Orange,

Tis proven I revive no matter thine poisons,

Provided, and only, I am free without thee.”

Oasis of Death


This was written in 2007.


Floating in existence

Breathing but not living

The heart is beating, yet is dead

Feeling prick but no pain

Nothing left to hurt and maim


Looking up the sky is dark

Ominous clouds hanging low

Pressing down with force so great

Struggling to stand in a fury of wind

Feet are dragging, to take a step


Looking down the puddle of life

Surrounded by sand oh so porous

Sucking the edges with evil surety

Standing hopelessly, I watch

Sinking deeper in Sahara’s hell.



Here is a poem I wrote several years back.


Hidden fast within a shell

Lies a beast deep in a well,

Waiting for the fated bell

The moon, perhaps, the lighted hell.


Therein lies it coiled in fear

Anguish drips in every tear.

At the chance of any jeer,

Viciously its head will rear.


But bound by stupid chains of law

It’s forced to grind its biting jaw,

Burning visions of flesh made raw

Feed its need to rant and roar.


Hatred sliced at its fragile heart

Vengeful urge so strong it smarts;

Hopes to tear out vital parts,

Appease its wrath on sordid chart.

Truth in Dance


This shape poem was written in 2010. I didn’t even know it was called such at that time. It just came naturally to me.

Feel the beat

The rhythm’s heat,

Seep into your very core

Bring your rawness to the fore


Let the pure

No more demure,

Truest essence of you free

For in truth we’re born with glee


Tap your toes

As your blood flows,

Faster through your bridled bones

Finding joy in changing tones


Bob your head

Remove that lead,

Society’s leash put on you

Feel yourself reborn, renew


Shake your hips

Unpurse those lips,

Loosen up and shake your hair

Swing your arms without a care


Bend those knees

Become a tease,

Coiling like a snake in mist

Let it loose, unleash the beast


Let them run

With Earth you’re one,

Rejoice in dance, come to life

Nothing less on edge of knife


Now alive

Let hell arrive,

For nothing can take from you

The freedom, strength inside of you.


Ferris Wheel of Life


The world revolves on an axis
Spinning like a ferris wheel
I hop on this merry ride
Though by choice it is not
It rolls upon its static post
As if it’s moving onward forth
Yet all it does is go around
In silly, mindless turns.

What am I doing on the seat
Forced in circles, up and down
Helplessly in motion,
I live this standard life
Rather than to moan in pain
I should relish, not disdain
As you can see it’s plain
The ride is short and meant to be
For every soul in gaia’s whirl
A joyful twirl til sunset’s world.

Written by Leaf aka Ee Ling, Koay

on October 19, 2007




This poem started in the most random of ways. I did not even intend to write one at that time. It started with a Doodle software attached with Yahoo Messenger.

Man, was I good with the mouse. Don’t ask my WHY a pig. It was at least 8 years ago. A friend of mine could have asked me to draw one, so I did! Then, he added the necklace. More accessories got added to it and voila! The finishing touches of a mustache and a slice off the middle gave the image more character.

Somehow, I thought a twisted nursery rhyme would suit the doodle best. And it did! One line flowed onto another.

I sent to a couple of people and gave them a really good laugh. So, I hope you will, too.

Don’t misunderstand the poem, though. It is not meant as an attack on gays. In fact, it is quite the opposite.